Pine Hill Park is 300 ares with a 16 mile single-track trail system found in the north west corner of Rutland City. The park is stewarded by the Pine Hill Partnership, a non-profit organization run by volunteers. 

Mountain Biking Trail Status

Winter Fat Bike Trail Status


  • Users of Pine Hill Park do so at their own risk.

  • The park is open for day use only. No camp­ing. No fires.

  •  Keep the park clean and beautiful. Pack out what you pack in. DON’T LITTER!

  • Some trails are pedestrian use only, or may be closed due to wet conditions, etc. PLEASE OBEY POSTED RESTRICTIONS ON TRAIL USE.

  • Please park in the designated area at Giorgetti Park.

  • Dogs must be on leash at all times.

  • Some trails leave park lands. Please observe park boundaries and respect private property.

  • Disruptive behavior is prohibited.

  • Disturbing, removing, defacing, cutting or damaging plants, animals or man-made features in the park is prohibited.

  • Discharge of firearms, bow and arrows, paint­ball guns or fireworks is prohibited in the park. NO HUNTING IN THE PARK.

  • Pine Hill is a city park and there is no smoking allowed in any city park including Pine Hill and Giorgetti.