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Cardboard Sled Challenge

This activity is sponsored by Boy Scout troop 116

Race Categories:

  • Junior (Ages 6 to 12)
  • Teens (Ages 13—18)


Design Guidelines:


  • Only regular cardboard, duct tape, and paint can be used to construct the cardboard sleds.
  • Sled cannot be wrapped in plastic, shrink wrapped or anything else.
  • No wood, glue, industrial adhesives, staples, rope or wire will be permitted on a sled.
  • The bottom of the sled must only contain duct tape on seams and edges.
  • The design must include the ability to stop the sled at will.
  • Keep designs family friendly. No profanity allowed.

Race Rules:

  • Waiver form must be signed by an adult.
  • Participants must wear a helmet. Bike helmets are OK.
  • Costumes are encouraged.
  • Push starts no running starts.
  • 1 person per sled.
  • All sleds, parts, and participants must cross the finish line to qualify for the fastest sled. (Sleds may win other awards even if they do not cross the finish line.)


  • Sleds will be timed and winners in each category will be determined by the time needed to reach the finish line.
  • Judging for best designed will occur before the race.


  • Start saving now if you have cardboard
  • Check with a local business that may have cardboard they discard

Snow Carving

Saturday at Main Street Park six 4'x8' snow forms will be carved by teams from local organizations. These will teams will have 4 hours to complete sculpture (10AM-2PM). The only tools allowed are simple hand tools (no motorized tools). Only 4 team members are allowed to be working on a single sculpture at one time. Teams will be allowed to color and decorate their sculptures. At the end of the day the teams competing will be judged and the winning group will take home $250.00!

Come and enjoy view from the side or join the lovely folks from Wonderfeet Children's Museum in the north section of the park where kids of all ages can decorate and create snow creatures!