General Information


On Monday December 7th, 2015 the Board of Aldermen approved putting an item on the ballot requesting permission to bond up to $2.5 million dollars to build a new outdoor pool and bathhouse at White Park and renovate the existing pump house. The vote will be on Tuesday March 1, 2016.

The average payment over the course of the 20 year bond for a house valued at $150,000 is $26.00. For the same value house the annual cost in your city taxes will be $5.25 to subsidize the operation of the pool. In previous years the cost was $8.70 to subsidize the operation of the pool.


 What should we do?

If you are interested in joining the Friends of White Pool email Becky Sowards at  For more information on the pool project call 773-1822 or email


Proposed pool at White Park 2017


pool rack card.jpg

The pool at White Park 1970 - 2014

Rutland Rec White's Pool.jpg

The pool at Rotary Park 1929 - 1972


For every $1,000,000 bonded the average annual property tax payment is $10.23

For every $100,000 subsidized (operations) the annual property tax payment is $15.00

(The above is based on a home valued at $150,000)