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MARK YOUR CALENDARS - The Snow Queen, October 12th and 13th.

RUTLAND — Award-winning Rutland Youth Theatre presents one of the most beautiful of all fairy tales, The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen, adapted by Stewart Paterson and Music by Savourna Stevenson.

Produced by Saskia Hagen Groom and directed by Mikki Lane, the timeless appeal of The Snow Queen lies in its persuading us that life is truly magical. Andersen's wonderful language surfaces in Grandma's description of the Snow Queen—"On winter nights when we are asleep she flies silently through the streets and alleyways. Sometimes she stops to look through a window, and when you get up the window is covered with flowers of frost for she has breathed on the glass." The wicked Snow Queen casts her icy spell on the world, turns young Kay's heart to ice and takes him away as her eternal prisoner to her Ice Palace at the very top of the world. Gerda, Kay's friend, must journey forever north and brave many dangers in her attempt to save Kay and break Winter's grip. Gerda never gives up. She leads us through terrifying ordeals as well as endless fun and nonsense. A long the way Gerda encounters talking ravens, the evil Cobweb Spider, a prince and princess, a band of robbers and the wild robber-girl, greedy polar bears and the brave reindeer who carries Gerda across the artic wastes. This is a wonderful, fast-paced adventure story.

Stage Manager is Missy Knipes.

Show times are October 12th at 7pm and October 13th at 2pm and 7pm at the Theatre at Rutland Intermediate School. Tickets just $6 children/seniors and $8 adults.

Meet some of the Snow Queen’s cast members and get a sneak peek into one of our rehearsals in our PEG-TV show on Channel 15, Tuesdays 9:30AM, Wednesdays 4:30PM and Thursdays 8:30PM!


Send a special message to your young actor or actress, or other members of the cast or production staff, in the printed program for the show. Not only will your child, friend or the entire cast appreciate your sentiments in this keepsake, but you will help to ensure that theatre opportunities continue for the youth in our community. Please consider making a tax deductible contribution to the Rutland Youth Theatre at a support level listed below:

Sponsor - $20 for 25 words or less in Large Type
Patron - $10 for 25 words of less in Medium Type

Here are a few samples of program messages that can be sent from parents, families, friends or

Great job Zachary and Cast...With love from Mom, Dad and Susie

Another great performance, Melissa. We are proud of you! Grandpa and Nanna Smith

Once you have completed the form below you will receive a follow-up email showing the total balance due to your account at the Rutland Recreation and Parks Department. Payment must be paid in full ONE WEEK prior to the first performance in order for your cast message to appear in the program. You may pay your balance during office hours at 16 North Street Ext (Mon-Fri 11:30AM-5:00PM). Please make your check payable to the Rutland Recreation & Parks Department.

Sponsorship Opportunities

 The Rutland Recreation & Parks Department is committed to providing our youth with an opportunity to study and work in local theatre. We are looking for your support to ensure that theatre opportunities continue to be available for youth in our community. Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution at one of the following sponsorship levels.

Entire Season

Underwriter: $750 or above
Executive Producer: $250 to $749
Producer: $125 to $249
Benefactor: $50 to $124

Advertising Rates: 

Back Cover 

One Play: $350

Entire Season (Season starts in December): $750

Full Page (interior) (5 X 8 inches)

One Play: $200

Entire Season (Season starts in December): $500

1/2 page (interior) (5 X 3.75 inches)

One Play: $100

Entire Season (Season starts in December): $250

1/3 page (interior) (5 X 2.5 inches)

One Play: $50

Entire Season (Season starts in December): $125

Why participate in Youth Theatre?

There are many benefits to participating in physical activities like sports programs, but there are excellent benefits to participating in the performing arts. Some similarities to sports include teamwork, responsibility, discipline, collaboration and leadership.  Often the myths and stereotypes of the performing arts lead people to think of its education as being frivolous. Yet the statistics prove otherwise. Students in the arts consistently out score their non-arts peers on college exams, are more likely to achieve academic notice, hold school offices, win awards for writing and even enter science fairs. In addition, students in the performing arts learn academic skills that help them in college and at work such as analysis, problem solving, reasoning, abstract thinking, conceptualization, public speaking and creative thinking.  

Performing arts programs offer children and youth a benefit they usually do not find in an ordinary classroom, instead of just gaining knowledge about things, they gain knowledge about who they are and what they can do. This helps them grow into better adults, parents and citizens. The performing arts build cultural bridges, bringing greater understanding and communication in our society. This leads to youth forming stronger ties with the community and being more community minded.

Rutland Youth Theatre is proud to provide these benefits to its community members with its productions, workshops and classes. For the past decade we have made our programs available to children K-12 from all over Vermont as well as given opportunities for alumni and college grads to grow. We are proud of the collaborations we have built in the community, teaming up with other organizations to better serve the community.

 Audition Dates are Sunday, September 30th from 3-6 and Monday, October 1st from 5:30-8:30. Read the  Press Release  for more information.

Audition Dates are Sunday, September 30th from 3-6 and Monday, October 1st from 5:30-8:30. Read the Press Release for more information.


The PIED PIPER of HAMELIN Documentary

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A Documentary on the Making of Pied Piper of Hamelin

Summer '17: Music Theatre Dance camp intensive

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