Welcome Healthcare Providers!

ParkRx is an outdoor prescription written by partnering healthcare providers. It is designed to help you as a provider prescribe being outdoors in nature to patients you think might need a little more encouragement to move more. As part of this 12 week program patients will have a variety of resources to help them reach their goal:

  • Map of the local trails and parks in Rutland County
  • Weekly phone calls with a Health Coach
  • Weekly newsletters with ideas on how to be healthier
  • Invitations to events in our community
  • Connections to healthy resources
  • Incentives for participation

The enrollment period for ParkRx will be during the month of April 2018. Start thinking about who to enroll today!

We are building a model that will appeal to people of different levels of physical ability and health by organizing and offering programs suitable for our community, with the aim of enticing people to make being outside a regular and routine event in their lives.

Contact Jaya Davis to set up an introductory meeting today!

Phone: 802.779-1037
Email: jaya@comealiveoutside.com