Welcome to Park Rx!

Rutland County has wonderful parks, trails, and green spaces for our residents. The Park Prescription (Rx) Program will better connect you to local parks and trails in our community. Join us in getting outside and moving more!


Meet the Team

*Heidi Lynch ~ Healthcare Liaison ~ Vermont Farm and Food Center
*Jaya Davis ~ Health Coach ~ Rutland Recreation

Advisory Council Members:
*Bethany Yon ~ Vermont Health Department
*Cindi Wight ~ Rutland Recreation and Parks
*Donna Hunt ~ Rutland Diabetes and Endocrinology Center
*Bryan Cupoli ~ Rutland Northeast Primary School
*Jacki Becker ~ Rutland Regional Medical Employee Wellness Center
*Maria Mayer ~ Vermont State Parks
*Maureen Gibeault ~ Vermont Spots Medicine Center

Partner Clinics:
*Advanced Ankle and Foot Care Clinic
*Community Health Centers of the Rutland Region
*Rutland Diabetes and Endocrinology Center
*Rutland Regional Medical Center Employee Wellness Center
*Vermont Orthopedic Clinic
*Vermont Sports Medicine Center


Thank you to the Bowse Health Trust for funding!




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