General Giorgetti Project Information

The news of the pool has overshadowed the assessment work that we had done at Giorgetti Arena this fall. The estimate to bring the building up to current code, add insulation and air handling would be approximately $2.5 million dollars.

The project includes

  •  Updating the maintenance and Zamboni rooms for proper air handling and separation of mechanical features.
  •  Installing new locker rooms with plumbing for future hook up
  • Installing an air handling system to meet code and improve user comfort
  • Adding a sprinkler system to meet code
  •  Installing insulation to improve user comfort and increase efficiency of air handling
  • Build a separate skate park storage building that would also hold the indoor turf outside of the season.
  • Upgrade the roof to allow for insulation and capability to handle other improvements

We are currently determining next steps for how to proceed with the project. If you are interested in getting actively involved please contact Superintendent Cindi Wight at 773-1822 or