Discounted Tickets

The Rutland Recreation Department in conjunction with the Vermont Recreation & Parks Association is offering discounted tickets to Great Escape, Six Flags New England, Killington Adventure Center and Bromley Sun Mountain Adventure Park. The tickets are good for the 2018 season. Buying your ticket from the Rutland Recreation Department supports local and state recreation and accommodates you by not having to stand in line for your tickets at the parks. You need to bring cash for payment.

Great Escape GAD Tickets                                        $40     ($61.99 plus tax gate price)

                                                                                                    (48" and under $46.99)

Great Escape Parking Tickets                                  $18     ($20 gate price)

Six Flags New England GAD Tickets                       $40     ($67.99 gate price)

                                                                                                    (54" and under $57.99)

Bromley Mtn. Adventure Park GAD Tickets            $35      ($47 gate price)

                                                                                                    (48" and under $25)

(GAD= Good-Any-Day Admission Tickets)