Baxter Street Park Project!

Baxter Street Park (corner of Baxter St and Library Ave) Completed July 2016 Photo: Kayla Ploof

Baxter Street Park (corner of Baxter St and Library Ave)
Completed July 2016

Photo: Kayla Ploof

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At the corner of Baxter Street and Library Avenue sits a large abandoned and blighted home with an empty lot next door. Regardless of this scary unsafe structure, it is a place where children in this neighborhood play. But soon that building is coming down and a park will be created in its place. NeighborWorks of Western Vermont and the Rutland City Recreation and Parks Department are excited to work together with neighborhood residents to determine what will be created in this 7,000 square foot space.  

On a sunny evening in July, residents came together to share ideas of what they would like to see happen in this space. All green space was an option but overwhelmingly, neighbors wanted to see this as a place with features for children to play on and the neighborhood to gather. "The children already play here, it would be great for it to be a clean safe space where they could have fun" a resident replied.  

Cindi Wight, from the Recreation Department Director listened. She allowed neighbors to vote for their first and second choices as well as other things that were important to them and listen to concerns they had for the park. The number one item neighbors wanted to see was a play structure for young children. Along with this apparatus, a bocce court was important as well as a shelter to put a picnic table.  Wight noted "it is exciting to be adding a new park to our city and one that will be well used by the many children and families in the neighborhood."

 We hope to raise $10,000 to directly benefit this new playground. These funds will go a long way to establishing just what the neighborhood residents would like there such as a new play structure, bocce court and shelter with a picnic table. 

If you have questions please email Cindi Wight at 


How will this impact your community?

The new park on the corner of Baxter Street and Library Avenue is at the beginning of the transformation of this Northwest Neighborhood. Children in the neighborhood currently play alongside the abandoned and blighted property and it is important to local residents that they remain able to do that but in a safe and fun environment. Community members were asked to give the Recreation Department feedback as to what they wanted to see in the park and the majority of the residents replied "a place for the kids to play"!

The creation of the park sends the message of transformation to both those inside this neighborhood and those looking in.  Soon the looming decrepit building will be gone and a fun community spacewhere residents can meet will be created. In the process, the neighborhood residents will have a say in what will be there. Important to the process is resident engagement and pride of ownership. Although planning has been in the works, establishing this park will be the impetus to creating pride and confidence in the neighborhood and contributing to the positive image building and healthy neighborhood we all want    

About us!

Rutland Recreation and Parks Department works hard to create opportunities for a more vibrant community. We provide extensive youth sports opportunities, an award winning youth theatre program, a varied arts program, programs for seniors along with many special events that bring our community together. We take great pride in our parks and making them safe and fun places for all ages to enjoy.

NeighborWorks of Western Vermont is a nonprofit one-stop shop, providing all the answers and support homebuyers and owners need: homebuyer and financial management classes, realty, lending, home repair, energy efficiency and more. Thank you for your donation and positively impacting the lives of the northwest neighborhood both current and future.


Huge Thank you to all who donated to #BaxterStreetPark! Our crowdfund campaign ended on September 25th. We raised a total of $18,505 in just one short month! It wouldn't have been possible without the support of the community! We THANK YOU!

Design of the park

Design of the park

Building that will be taken down to make way for the new park!

Building that will be taken down to make way for the new park!

Neighborhood Votes!!

Neighborhood Votes!!